New Agents in CS:GO

September 22, 2021

Valve has finally released the eleventh CS:GO operation known as Operation Riptide.

After weeks of silence from CS:GO developers and multiple teasers about an upcoming update, Valve has finally released CS:GO’s 11th Operation: Operation Riptide. As always, the new operation brings with it a lot of exciting gameplay changes and new skins for the players to enjoy.

In this article, we will be focusing on the whole set of new agents that have been added to CS:GO. Weapon skins have always been a huge part of the CS:GO gaming experience, ever since they were added to the game back in 2013, but not too long ago, that aspect of CS:GO expanded.

In 2019, numerous hero skins called agents were added to CS:GO, providing players with even more customization options. The CS:GO agents come in four different tiers of quality and most of them have rich backgrounds rooted in CS:GO lore.

In the new update, there are many different agents and each one of them sports their own unique quirks and style. So, let’s take a closer look at all of them and see what they have to offer.

The whole set of new agents added to the game are as follows,

  • Guerrilla Warfare Crasswater The Forgotten – Master Agent
  • Guerrilla Warfare ‘Medium Rare’ Crasswater The Forgotten – Master Agent
  • Guerrilla Warfare Vypa Sista of the New Revolution – Master Agent
  • Guerrilla Warfare Elite Trapper Solmon – Superior Agent
  • Guerrilla Warfare Arno The Overgrown – Superior Agent
  • Guerrilla Warfare Col. Mangos Dabisi – Exceptional Agent
  • Guerrilla Warfare | Trapper – Exceptional Agent
  • Guerrilla Warfare | Trapper Aggressor – Distinguished Agent
  • SEAL Frogman Skipper Frank ‘Wet Sox’ Baroud – Master Agent
  • SEAL Frogman Skipper Davida ‘Googles’ Fernandez – Master Agent
  • SEAL Frogman Lieutenant Rex Krikey – Superior Agent
  • Gendarmerie Nationale Chef d’Escadron Rouchard – Master Agent
  • Gendarmerie Nationale Chem-Haz Capitaine – Superior Agent
  • Gendarmerie Nationale Sous-Lieutenant Medic – Exceptional Agent
  • Gendarmerie Nationale Officer Jacques Beltram – Exceptional Agent
  • Gendarmerie Nationale Aspirant – Distinguished Agent
  • The Professionals Bloody Darryl The Strapped – Superior Agent
  • SWAT Lieutenant ‘Tree Hugger’ Farlow – Exceptional Agent
  • Brazilian 1st Battalion Primeiro Tenente – Distinguished Agent
  • NZSAS | D Squadron Officer – Distinguished Agent
  • Elite Crew | Mr. Muhlik – Distinguished Agent