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What are CS:GO skins?

CS:GO skins are one of the biggest reasons why the game has gotten so popular over the years. A skin is basically a graphical overlay over the players weapon giving it a unique look and color. These skins cost real money and can cost over $15.000 for some of the rarest knifes. Skins can be acquired in three main ways, through skin trading websites and players, opening cases, and buying them from the Steam market. The latter two methods of acquiring skins are not recommended due to cases being a negative loss and the Steam Marketplace taking a %15 commission from every single sale.

What are Trading sites?

A CS:GO trading site is a website that lets you trade your current skins for other skins for a slight commission. These trading sites help players in the community who have many low tier skins trade up to a higher tiered skin like an expensive rifle skin or a knife. Also, people who have expensive skins can trade down and get multiple lower tiered skins. Skin trading sites usually take around 5-10% in commission per trade and are a much better option compared to buying over the Steam market or opening cases.

How do I find trusted sites?

The trust level of a trading sites depends on multiple factors like the amount of trades that have taken place over the years, the age of the site, number of users, and who owns the site. Check if the Website is included within our listings to determine if certain CS:GO trading site is safe to use.

How do Trading sites work?

Many of the CS:GO trading websites are really simple to use. The first and most important thing you need to do before trading any skin is to check whether you are on the right website and not a scam site. You can check the URL by clicking the link on our listing to be sure that it is the real website and not a fake one. After that, you need to login with your Steam account which has your skins in the inventory. Then you need to find out what skins you want to trade from your inventory. Once you have the skin(s) in mind you need to select the skins you want to trade from the trading bot’s inventory. You then confirm the trade and wait for a trade offer. When you have received the trade offer, you accept and have your new skins.

How do I stay safe when using trading websites?

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when using one of the trusted trading sites is to not fall into a common phishing link trap. To prevent this, you need to once again be 100% sure that you are on the correct website and you don’t accept any random friend requests on for example Steam where a person sends you a phishy link.

Can I profit from trading sites?

The simple answer is yes. One of the main ways to profit or earn a little bit extra is by finding an item on one of the trading sites that are undervalued and then sell the exact same item to another site that is overvalued. You can also buy a certain knife skin for example and sell them manually to another person through services like Bitskins or Reddit to make profit.

We recommend

This trading site is exactly what the name suggests, a skin swapping site with a basic and clean user interface. offers various types of filters so that the user can select the exact skin they are looking for. It’s a Amsterdam based Dutch website with more than 5 million successful trades.

Skinport is a popular CS:GO skin Marketplace which operates from Stuttgart, Germany. The company has been around for a few years and has risen from the depths to become one of the well-known CS:GO Marketplaces. The User Interface is simple and easy to use with plenty of great reviews.
SkinBaron is another well-known German Marketplace with a huge user base around the world. In 2019 the company entered a long-term partnership with one of the most prominent Esports organizations in Germany which is known as BIG.