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This trading site is exactly what the name suggests, a skin swapping site with a basic and clean user interface. offers various types of filters so that the user can select the exact skin they are looking for. It’s a Amsterdam based Dutch website with more than 5 million successful trades.

Skinport is a popular CS:GO skin Marketplace which operates from Stuttgart, Germany. The company has been around for a few years and has risen from the depths to become one of the well-known CS:GO Marketplaces. The User Interface is simple and easy to use with plenty of great reviews.
SkinBaron is another well-known German Marketplace with a huge user base around the world. In 2019 the company entered a long-term partnership with one of the most prominent Esports organizations in Germany which is known as BIG.

Sell CS:GO skins

We’ll tell you how to sell your CS:GO skins safely.

Selling CS:GO skins from your inventory is a great way to make some money out of your efforts while playing. There are many CS:GO marketplaces to choose from. If you only want to get the most money out of your CS:GO items, it is very important to know that it isn’t always CS:GO sites offers the best price. The best thing you can do to find out which sites offers you the best price for your skins, is to open some of the different sites that we recommend, and see how much each skin site offers for the items that you want to sell. Then you just have to compare the prices. Third-party marketplaces enable you to find items more easily than the Steam Marketplace. Users are also able to perform mass buy of skins, which aren’t available in now dated Steam interface. As a buyer, the biggest change you’ll experience is the price range.

How to sell CS:GO skins

CS:GO was the first title in the Counter-Strike franchise to offers skins. Players obtained these virtual items for use in the game while playing. For a long time, these virtual items or skins, which don’t grant a player any in-game advantage, served for pure aesthetics and boasting in front of friends within a closed community, but the trends are changing, and skins are gaining real value. Many skins and items are being sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you want to sell your CS:GO items, this guide will help you.

  1. Before you start, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you want to receive to avoid being disappointed. If you want to get rid of all your junk skins, don’t secretly hope that you will make enough profit for something substantial. If you need a lot of money quickly, get ready to say goodbye to your beloved skins.


  1. Pick your skins to sell. Check your Steam inventory and determine the skins you would like to get rid of. People are typically selling their virtual items for three main reasons:- Selling the rare and beloved items for quick money.
    – Getting rid of junk skins to declutter inventory.
    – Trading valuable skins that they don’t enjoy anymore.

3. Find a reliable service and select service type. When it comes to selling CS:GO skins, there are two main types of services: bot-based and auction services. Both of the have drawbacks and merits, which are better to take into account depending on your needs and demands regarding a transaction.

  • Trading with other users on auction-like services works a lot like Ebay or similar platforms. You need to register as a seller and put up your skins for sale. Among the advantages of this service is the fact that you’ll usually find a buyer willing to pay the price that you’ve set. But the main disadvantage is that you have to wait for someone to take an interest in your skin
  • Trading with bots implies lower prices, but much faster transactions. The bots will buy your skins for a profitable price for them, which is usually lower than the market price of your item. But you’ll be able to receive costs and even withdraw them to your bank account in a matter of minutes.

Why are auction-based websites better than trading on real auctions or finding buyers on forums? Most of them operate on a technology that resembles smart contract. The site acts as an intermediary between two parties making the trade 100% safe. Only when you and your buyer both have sent the item and the money, the transaction will be completed

4. Put your selected skin up for sale on an auction service. After you have decided on a service for selling your item, follow these steps to list your cosmetics for sale. Keep in mind that all websites are different and may have different requirements and procedures. The basic process generally requires you to:

– Log in or sign in. Most skin websites allow you to enter using your personal Steam account.

  • Enter your Trade URL. Watch how to find your Steam URL right here:
  • Decide on the items you want to sell. Some auctions will suggest you a price based on the average price of a particular skin on their website. Survey the market price for your skin and set your own.
  • Set the price and put your skin for sale. Wait for someone to take an interest in it. Confirm the trade after being offered one on your Steam account and receive your money.

5. Sell your CS:GO skins on a bot-powered platform. This type of deal is the most favorable option if you would like to get money quickly. It’s important to know that you will lose at least 5% of the market value of your items compared to selling it on an auction-based skin website. Considering the nature of an auction, you can sell an overpriced skin, if you’re lucky enough. Such a situation won’t take place with a bot. To trade your skins to a bot, proceed with these simple steps:

  • Long in following a standard process, usually with your Steam account.
  • Enter your Trade URL and pick the withdrawal method.
  • After your inventory has been loaded, check what’s available for sale and decide on the skins you want to sell. Most bots won’t admit poor quality skins or super float skins. However, with the second ones situation can change in matter of days, so make sure to check frequently.
  • Check the price and the items picked. If you are happy with the price, confirm the trade offer on both the website and in your Steam account.
  • Wait for the money to be transferred to you via the withdrawal method that you have picked and spend them on whatever you want.