Video: Best CS:GO knife skins

September 9, 2021

We all love skins for our knives in CS:GO. But which ones do we love the most?

In CS:GO there are many hundreds of different combinations of knives, that you are able to pull out of a case or buy in the market. But which ones are the best and worst one to get?

There are 25 different kinds of skins, while there are 19 different types of knives. In this video, the Youtuber TDM_Heyzeus has asked his viewers to vote for the best and the worst skins for a knife.

You can see the knives in the video here, and you can see the list below.

1. Doppler
2. Gamma Doppler
3. Marble Fade
4. Fade
5. Tiger Tooth
6. Lore
7. Crimson Web
8. Autotronic
9. Slaughter
10. Vanilla
11. Black Laminate
12. Case Hardened
13. Ultra Violet
14. Night
15. Blue Steel
16. Damascus Steel
17. Freehand
18. Bright Water
19. Stained
20. Boreal Forest
21. Urban Masked
22. Forest DDPAT
23. Rust Coat
24. Scorched
25. Safari Mesh